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If it hadn’t been for the love of the tradition of things done properly and with passion, Iconsitt would not have been born and grown. Giovanni Balistreri started his adventure as an artisan, using his knowledge of the sea, passed on by his family, that consisted in transforming in quality the natural product: fish.

In the years, the company has surrounded itself with ever more qualified collaborators to ensure its management is constantly up to date and to this day, remain loyal to the original plan, (encapsulate) enclose in a tin or in a jar the best quality of the sea. To do this, it has chosen the highroad, reinventing and adjusting its productive site and its management system to state of the art criteria.

Furthermore, the selection and purchase of the fresh fish from the Sicilian Coastline, the Adriatic and the Mediterranean Sea have been reinforced. Supplying is done so that the product goes from being fished to curing, almost immediately, even during public holidays.

In 2004, Iconsitt obtained the DCVP Certificate following the elaboration of a product specification having as its object, the production of anchovy fillets in oil of Sicilian provenance.

To make sure that all these efforts did not go undone and to completely accept the challenges of the market, Iconsitt started an improvement process of the quality management system that was completed in 2011 obtaining the BRC and IFS certifications.

The investments and care in planning are the pride of the company that has grown also thanks to the personal and institutional relationships with G.D. and D.O.

If the organoleptic and commodity-related characteristics could, in the past, be the only elements for an Iconsitt product to be appreciated by consumers, nowadays other aspects have been added allowing the company to become more visible. Though, in its soul, it still remains as in the beginning, artisanal in the care and choice of the product, it has changed as regards to image and communication.